Sunday, 21 August 2011

Barrry M - Blue Glitter nail varnish

I bought  Barry M (297-blue glitter) nail varnish quite a while ago, i also have it in other colour's and it normally retails for 2.99 for a 10ml bottle at superdrug or they normally have them on offer two for five pound which i think is great.  
When i first started using glitter nail polishes "many years ago" i was quite stupid because i never realized you put them over the top of another polish so i was always left disapointed with the finish, and use to think well whats the point in using them, until i realized "durrr" try putting it over a blue polish, and i can really recommend doing this as it looked lovely,
also if you apply a top coat this varnish should last just over a week before its starts chipping which i was quite surprised at because with it being so affordable i thought it wouldn't last so long (wrong again!)   anyway Ta-rah for now....

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