Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gosh Holographic Nail polish

Words can't even describe how nice this nail polish is! I've been searching high and low for this polish everywhere for sometime but couldn't find it, every time i called in superdrug , boots, or any other beauty store  for that matter, they where always sold out much to my disappointment'
But finally last week i managed to snag a bottle it was the last one left on the shelf. soon as i got home i  tried this nail polish out, as much as i rate it highly on the finished look, i will tell you the truth  the first coat goes on a bit like water which disheartened me abit because i always hope for the best in something  and want to see results straight away i hate waiting.. but what do you know "I was wrong again!"
After the second coat you can really see the nail polish covering but still not enough so i applied a third coat which finally seemed to do the job it looked really nice and was certainly holographic which i was very pleased with, as other silver polishes i have tried, havent lived up to my expectations, the only downside to this product is that it seems to chip straight away so i would recommend  wearing it for a night out or day or two before it starts looking abit  crap, i tried putting a top coat over it to see what it would look like and it seemed to dull the shine and reflection of it and in my opinion it still looked ok just abit grey. i still  love this polish but at the minute its just left gathering dust, as i went through the faze of painting my nails different colours everyday to now wanting my nails to last a week before i repaint them, unless i get a new polish or nail art that is (obviously) anyway ta-rah for now....

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