Sunday, 21 August 2011

  Have you ever tried to paint your nails with glitter? from my experience it is a right clart on, the glitter gets everywhere especially out of them glitter shaker pots,. That's until i discovered Gosh's very clever Glitter Nail Dust, £3.99. (superdrug) Just paint your nails with a clear or nude polish, dip your nail in the pot and wipe off any excess – try dipping just the tip or go for the whole nail, depending how brave you’re feeling. I'm backing gold to be their sellout shade, but with 10 different colours you're sure to find a favourite.. i cant wait to try them all..


  1. Ohhh i love glittery things, will deffinatly have to buy one of these. Thanks for the advise x

  2. Your Welcome. Keep an eye out because i have more Glittery things coming up! ta-rah for now.